if Kate and i ever met we’d find Acie and follow her making bad puns like the little shits we are


It’s RWBY Thursday, so have another dumb comic.

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u guysssssssssssss! 

i feel like this is necessary to have on my tumble

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bertholdt fubar: *is forced to kill people*
bertholdt fubar: *has an emotional breakdown*
snk fandom: it's an act to get sympathy, he's just a murderer, stop defending him
armin arlert: *is forced to kill someone*
armin arlert: *has an emotional breakdown*
snk fandom: poor baby, he only did it because he had to, don't be mad at him

i went swimming at the beach today and i still feel like im moving in the waves =I

Now I’ve returned to Heaven, won't you come visit me, Hyuuga?
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idk what 2 day here but sometimes i think about how im gonna own a jotaro figure and my heart kinda races


Do you ever start watching an episode on your laptop

and then randomly pause it

and next you know you’re on tumblr

and suddenly it’s taken you 2 hours to watch a 40 minute episode

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u r trash that wasnt even an option

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Neutral Good.

awww thank you very much! =0

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if you were to label me as 

  • Lawful Good | Neutral Good | Chaotic Good
  • Lawful Neutral | True Neutral | Chaotic Neutral
  • Lawful Evil | Neutral Evil | Chaotic Evil

what would you label me


"to me he was the coolest guy"
naruto this man killed your parents

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mum just reminded me results day is coming up bye

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